These are frequently asked questions regarding the TOD study:

What is transit-oriented development?

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is the functional integration of land use and transit via the creation of compact, walkable, mixed-use communities within walking distance of an existing or planned transit stop or station. A TOD brings together people, jobs, housing and services and is designed in a way that makes it efficient, safe, and convenient to travel on foot or by bicycle, transit, or car. For more information, visit the Federal Transit Administration's webpage on TOD.

What will be the results of the study?

This study is a vital component to supporting the City’s vision to enhance the quality of life by enhancing connections and making our neighborhoods walkable and accessible for everyone. The study will address multimodal infrastructure, land use, mobility strategies, and regulations to encourage a more compact development pattern that is supportive of premium transit in the future.

Who funded the study?

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded a $1.25 million transit-oriented development (TOD) grant to the City of Fort Lauderdale to examine TOD best practices, develop and implement new programs and policies, and develop a manual to help attract and sustain TOD in the city. The City of Fort Lauderdale provided a $312,500 match to help fund the study.

Why are we doing this study?

As Fort Lauderdale continues to grow and mature as the County’s regional metropolitan area, protecting and enhancing the quality of life for our neighbors and visitors is an essential component of future planning efforts. Investments in multimodal transportation options and creating a safe and walkable city were identified as top ranked priorities of the Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Vision Plan 2035. The purpose of the transit-oriented development study is to guide and support the continued growth of Downtown and its area of influence as places that support a sustainable live, work and play environment.

When will the study be completed?

The Transit-Oriented Development study will be completed in August 2019. View the project schedule for more in-depth information.

How can I provide input? How can I get involved?

There are numerous opportunities for the public to get involved. There will be a series of public meetings held at neighborhood association meetings. A more detailed schedule will be published soon, but these will broadly take place during summer of 2018 and summer of 2019. Beginning in June 2018, this website will host relevant information for community members to participate and provide valuable input to the project. View the project schedule for a more detailed list of opportunities to participate.

How will you come up with recommendations?

This study will help inform solutions for implementing TOD that is successful over the long-term in Fort Lauderdale. We will come up with recommendations with the community thorugh an engagement process. The project team will seek input and guidance from City staff, the Technical Working Group, and the general public on various topics as we craft recomendations to ensure the strategies presented in the study reflect the needs and desires of the community.

Where is the study taking place?

Click here to view a map of the study area.

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