The Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale Vision stated that neighbors wanted a multimodal community where there was choice on how to get around by car, transit, bicycle or walking. Transit-supportive development can create these livable and accessible communities where people can live, work and play.


This study will be exploring mechanisms that the City can use to foster a walkable, connected and livable environment to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Improving connections as well as making our urban neighborhoods more accessible and walkable, will help increase transit use, reduce the number of people driving and roadway congestion, and create a more livable city for everyone.​

The study will provide guidance for future development to create an economically viable and easily accessible area that is centered around access, vibrancy and livability.


The goals of the planning Study include:

• Identify and document best practices at a national and international level to establish solid references as guidance.

• Engage the community and key stakeholders through a participatory process to obtain meaningful input.

• Understand the existing regulatory and process related challenges and barriers related to developing compact, urban, walkable developments within the study area to provide recommendations for it to be more attractive and feasible.

• Develop a housing strategy that maximizes housing affordability impacts and supports a range of income groups within the Study area.

• Assess market conditions to identify the needs and strategies to develop other community services including charter schools to support a sustainable live/work/play environment.

• Analyze and understand the impact and viability of various multimodal mobility strategies, programs, and incentives aimed at management of transportation demand.

• Understand the relationship between transit and existing and proposed land uses.

• Inform the City’s land development regulatory framework to support the development of a more compact, walkable and livable environment.

• Analyze and understand the transportation infrastructure needs to transition to a more accessible, walkable and livable community.

• Develop a modal priority methodology that helps determine modal hierarchy and decision making.


The Federal Transit Administration has awarded a $1.25 million TOD planning grant to the City of Fort Lauderdale to study how TOD could be built and sustained inside the city. Fort Lauderdale will provide $312,599 in local matching funds for the study.


Through this pilot program, the FTA aims to improve "public transportation for America’s communities by providing funding to local communities to integrate land use and transportation planning with a new [high capacity] transit capital investment."

View the FTA planning grant here.


The planning study kicked off in the spring of 2018 and will conclude at the end of the summer of 2019.

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