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As Fort Lauderdale continues to grow and mature as the County’s regional metropolitan area, protecting and enhancing the quality of life of neighbors and visitors is an essential component of future planning efforts. From a big picture perspective, transportation and sustainability have been identified as the City’s top two goals.. Building communities that are easy to access and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities is central to meeting this goal. And premium transit service is often an important element that determines the success of these places.

Collectively, these communities built around transit are recognized as transit-supportive places.

Bringing jobs, housing, and services all into an easily-accessible location creates a stronger business climate in Fort Lauderdale and improve the city’s great quality of life. In addition, transit-supportive development often results in a mix of uses, which creates a built environment that enhances the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, providing transportation choices that are safe and convenient for people to move around.

This study will put the public first – your input will help shape this study into a toolkit the City will be able to use to evolve into a better city for the benefit of those who live, work, and play in Fort Lauderdale. Our goal is to maximize community participation in order to reflect the desires and needs of the community.

This planning study broadly intends to meet the following goals as it builds a compact, walkable, livable core:

  • Enhance economic development;

  • Facilitate multimodal connectivity and accessibility;

  • Increase non-motorized access;

  • Enable mixed-use development;

  • Identify infrastructure needs associated with achieving a walkable and livable urban core;

  • Foster private sector participation.

Study Area

The Study generally covers the area immediately surrounding the boundaries of the core area of Downtown Fort Lauderdale and the Unified Flex Zones and Regional Activity Center.


Whether you are a city resident, business owner, stakeholder, transit rider, or simply an interested party:

Here's how you can get involved in this planning study.

We want to hear from you! Provide your input today for what you think transit-oriented development in Fort Lauderdale should look like.

This infographic summarizes the results of our online survey for the Fort Lauderdale planning study.

Take a closer look at Fort Lauderdale. Where do people work? How are people getting around? These all factor into understanding how to transition into a multimodal community.

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